Core Banking Systems

Main information about basic modules. There are must be modules for Bank activity.
ERP Systems

These modules allow Bank dractically improve it's services and internal control.
Analytical CRM & MIS Reporting Systems

Intelligent Infrastructure between Customes/Partners and Organization.
Treasure Systems

All-around control of cash flows and securities.
Evaluation and Testing Systems

Expert decision support and testing system.
Online Front-Office Systems

İnstant and secure contact between the customer and the organization.
Credit Management Systems

Сomprehensive control and management of the loan portfolio.
24/7 Support services

İnformation about all-day support and Virtual Customer Care (VCC) services.

  • Core Banking Systems
  • Credit Management Systems
  • ERP Systems
  • Treasury Systems
  • Analytical CRM & MIS Reporting Systems
  • Evaluation and Testing Systems
  • Online Front-Office Systems


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