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IT consulting from GNI Software is a professional service provided by experts with many years of experience in analysis of various IT solutions, systems and infrastructures, as well as with practical experience in implementing software for automation of all types of workflows, both at private and public institutions.

This service offers project-oriented activities related to the information support of workflows, which allows us to give an independent expert assessment of the effectiveness of IT use.

Currently we provide the following IT and business consulting services
IT audit
Consulting and support on IT organization/reorganization and related workflows
IT strategy development
Consulting on optimization of telecom infrastructure
Software infrastructure audit
Other issues related to IT consulting

Our consulting services give our clients objective information with illustrative description of their IT issues and, most importantly, the solutions to those issues.

Also, under this project we are strongly focused on optimizing costs, improving the efficiency of workflows, increasing manageability and transparency of the organization's activities by creating a common "ecosystem".