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Agricultural Lending Development State Agency

⦁ 2020. Implementation and setup/customization of data warehouse, mandatory reports, analytical management reporting on the basis of Oracle Business Intelligence.
⦁ 2020. Implementation and setup/customization of a clearing system for online repayment of agricultural loans via a state payment portal ( and setup of agricultural loans issued to bank clients. Clearing integration with participating banks via a web portal) (more than 20 participating banks1).
⦁ 2018. Implementation and setup/customization of the system for registration and accounting of subsidies for the purchase of agricultural equipment, fertilizers and animals. Integration of the loan application processing with the AZALES scoring system developed in collaboration with Frankfurt Business School.
⦁ 2017. Implementation and setup/customization of the automated system for accounting of agricultural loans between loan organizations1 and the agency, and transactions on them. Creation of a web portal for entrepreneur farmers and its full integration with the Agency's accounting system. Portal integration with the ASAN Signature state electronic signature system for identification and verification of conducted transactions:
⦁ sign-in;
⦁ loan application registration;
⦁ fill-in and confirmation of memoranda by financial and loan organizations;
⦁ confirmation of the credit granting decision by the loan committee of the Agency;
⦁ conducted transactions browsing;
⦁ other actions.