Implementation of the automated GNI system for State Fund for Support Youth Housing Construction (Ukraine)

The GNI team, with funds from the German bank KFW and the support of the international consulting group of the company IPC - Internationale Projekt Consult GmbH, began a project to implement a comprehensive automated system in the State Fund for Support of Youth Housing Construction of Ukraine https://www.molod-kredit.gov.ua/.

Within the scope of this project will be implemented GNI@CoreBanking system (GL management, product management and so on), GNI@CRM system, GNI@LMS system (Loans and Collaterals Management), GNI@AntiFraud system (AML and Fraud management), GNI@NPL (Non-performing loans management) and an integration bus (GNI@DataExchange OPEN API system) for integration with the required external systems.