Building data centres and backend IT infrastructure

This service provides a range of interconnected solutions including configuration of virtualization systems, UNIX-based operating systems, clusters configuration for application servers, load balancing configuration, DBMS configuration, infrastructure configuration for various solutions of secure online integration with external systems, software products configuration (banking and financial systems, ERP systems, online systems, etc.), information security policies configuration (IDS and IPS systems), network and directory services, backup and storage systems, online monitoring and management, and other blocks.

To ensure quality of the service, our experts always follow certain project implementation stages:

• Stage 1 - writing, clearing and approving Terms of Reference with client's requirements for the information system;

• Stage 2 - development of a working design with details of implementation of ToR, requested timeframe and priority of tasks;

• Stage 3 — implementation of the created design;

• Stage 4 - development of operational documents with a detailed description of the created infrastructure for the operation and support of the corporate information system.