Implementing our solutions and platforms

Thanks to many years of experience in the development and implementation of our own (in-house) solutions, professional project management and carefully developed internal documentation for project support, we have reached a qualitatively different level of implementation of our software complexes and systems for the financial sector.

Building data centres and backend IT infrastructure

This service provides a range of interconnected solutions including configuration of virtualization systems, UNIX-based operating systems, clusters configuration for application servers, load balancing configuration, DBMS configuration, infrastructure configuration for various solutions of secure online integration with external systems, software products configuration (banking and financial systems, ERP systems, online systems, etc.), information security policies configuration (IDS and IPS systems), network and directory services, backup and storage systems, online monitoring and management, and other blocks.

IT and business consulting services

IT consulting from GNI Software is a professional service provided by experts with many years of experience in analysis of various IT solutions, systems and infrastructures, as well as with practical experience in implementing software for automation of all types of workflows, both at private and public institutions.

Developing bespoke software

We perform any software development tasks in accordance with the agreed terms of reference/technical specifications within the time period specified by the client.